Thank you all - and especially plusBildung - for an inspiring Study tour in Switzerland this June 2022.





EAEE Ukraine Statement 

The members of the Executive Board of EAEE declare to be stunned and appalled by the terrible aggression with which the Russian President has invaded Ukraine.

As people and organisation involved in European cooperation, we want to express our full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all those who stand up for peace across Europe and beyond. We support the measures taken by the European Union against these acts of war and demand Russia to withdraw its troops.

We also join the declaration of solidarity of the European Association for Adult Education:

"We stand firmly in solidarity with the Ukrainian people today.
Our values are democracy, mutual understanding and tolerance, respect for human rights and transnational and intercultural dialogue. Violence and war have no place in Europe: generations of Europeans, including adult learners and educators, have devoted their lives to building peace and solidarity. We cannot let anyone take away the foundations of our democratic societies."

Executive Board of the EAEE, March 2022