Professional exchange


In June 2014 a group of 22 German colleagues, who are working in protestant adult education of "Ev. Kirche von Westfalen" (Protestant church of Westphalia) went to Paris. In a study tour of 3 days they  got to know information about the situation and developments in the French Protestant church and their adult education institutes.

The program was developed with assistance of EAEE.


If you are interested in organising a professional exchange with your church please let us know. We will help you to get in contact with other members of EAEE in Europe.






"Map of Christian Adult Education in




This is the project title we want to start in cooperation with FEECA, our Roman Catholic sister organisation in Europe also in June 2014.

During recent years many Christian adult organizations have changed, addresses are no longer available, contactnames and tasks are new. At the same time networking becomes more and more important.

As soon as there are further plans for the structure of this project, information will be available on this page.