EAEE Studytour in Oslo 13th -16th June 2018 “Faith and religion in the work with migrants in Norway”

Invitation EAEE Study Tour Oslo 2018
Organization and costs

Thanks to the very good and helpfull norvegian organization and a subvention per participant for the study tour by EAEE, we can offer you this Oslo-Studytour for these participation fees:

A 380 € in a single room
B 315 € in a double room
All meals and other costs are included.

Please send us your registration until 21.03.2018 to : britta.francois@eaee.eu

A free cancellation of your registration is possible until 27.03.2018

Detailed travel information will follow after your registration.

We hope to meet very much of you in Oslo and With best wishes from the board of EAEE
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 Focal points for Protestant education in Europe


In October 2015 EAEE was invited to the CPCE conference at Tutzing Academy.

Our member Mgr. Veronika Matejková from the Hussite Church in Czech Republic has written a report about this interesting conference, which was announced by this abstract:

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) seeks to
deepen the fellowship between the churches. What does this mean
in terms of the Protestant churches’ commitment to education?
From October 26 to 28, 2015, education managers from the
Protestant churches in Europe and educational experts are invited
to come together at Tutzing Academy to share ideas and so form
networks. This way they may express common interests and develop
perspectives for educational activities in Europe.
The consultation is geared towards Protestant educational activities
in congregations, schools and society. The aim is to ascertain the
common educational responsibility in Europe and define the active
role of the churches among the actors in European Education.








Report by Mgr. Veronika Matejková
Microsoft Word-Dokument [33.7 KB]

Focal points for Protestant education in Europe

Microsoft Word-Dokument [4.6 MB]
Invitation GA 2017.docx
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Wittenberg - some photographic impressions

Die Rechte an den hier aufgeführten Bildern liegen bei der Tourist-Information Lutherstadt Wittenberg und dem WittenbergKultur e.V.


General Assembly and Study tour 2017

Impressions of a seminar of the Hussite Church in Brno, Czech Republic, on the refugee issue  

EAEE – Protestant and Anglican Network for life-long learning in Europe



c/o  Joachim Stöver - President EAEE -  Johannes-Müller-Str. 22; 50735 Köln, Germany



Official Invitation to the EAEE General Assembly 2016  Tallinn, Estonia

  • Birgitta Guesthouse
  • Address: Merivälja tee 18, TALLINN 11911
  • Phone: +372 605 5000
  • Fax: +372 605 5006
  • E-mail: pirita@osss.ee

Wednesday 8th of June 2016 , 20:00-21:30 General Assembly




  1. Welcome by the executive board of EAEE
  2. Declaration of invitation  and quorum of the assembly following the  statutes of EAEE, asking for other items for the agenda, verification of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the GA held 25th of June 2015, Brno, Czech Republic
  4. Presentation and approval of executive board report 2015
  5. Presentation and approval of the financial report 2015 and the auditors’ report
  6. Presentation and approval of the financial plan 2017
  7. Presentation and discussion of the paper "The future of EAEE"
  8. Plans, projects, study tour in the next year
  9. AOB – any other business



on behalf of the executive board of EAEE

Joachim Stöver, President



EAEE Study Tour 2016 :




June 8-11, 2016

Tallinn, Pirita Convent


Connecting communities – as the title of our 2016 EAEE conference implies – relies on three columns: communicating, cooperating and contributing. These have always marked the tradition of Christian adult education.

We extend a warm welcome to all of you who will join us in meeting, sharing, and discussing the features of our field of work in Estonia and its international network. Ideas, best practice, experiences, questions, feelings throughout the conference will find their documentation on a story wall – just another experience of time and ideas shared creatively.

Two questions will guide us through the four-day conference:

  • How do we define ourselves as Christian communities?
  • Which communities have created new sustainable practices?





Wednesday, June 8




Opening prayer and        

laying out a story wall


Vello Salo, priest at Pirita Convent






General Assembly of EAEE


Executive Board EAEE


Thursday, June 9




Morning devotion

Urmas Viilma, Archbishop of the
Estonian Lutheran Church


Estonian religious landscape

Ringo Ringvee, Professor of Religious Studies at the Theological Institute of the Estonian Lutheran Church


Reasons for joining a Church

Group discussions

Liina Kilemit, Lecturer at the Theological Institute of the Estonian Lutheran Church


Lunch and story wall




Creative practices in the Kristi Sääsk Community



Coffee break




"School of Calling"

Team-based flipped classroom method in

Bible School, integrating Russian and Estonian Communities

Einike Pilli, Rector of  the Tartu Baptist Theological Seminary


Dinner and Evening Programme at the

Ukrainan Centre of Culture



Friday, June 10




Morning devotion at Theological Institute of the Estonian Lutheran Church



Creative bible study

Kristi Sääsk, Pastor of Suure-Jaani Lutheran Church


Coffee break




Church in Vao Village


Tauno Toompuu, Pastor of Rakvere Lutheran Church and Laura Herm




Lunch and story wall




Church as the Centre of Lifelong Learning

Visit to Kaarli Church with Kaisa Kirikal,

Pastor, and Saima Sellak-Martinson,

Deacon of Kaarli Lutheran Church



Museum of Occupations




City Tour                              Church


Matthias Burghardt , Pastor of Tallinn

German Lutheran Church



Thomas Mass as Church Practice


Annely Neame,

Deacon at Tallinn Jaani

Lutheran Church


Thomas Mass in Jaani Church




Dinner at the Theological Institute of

Estonian Lutheran Church



Saturday, June 11





Feedback – rounding up the story wall




Farewell Lunch






Participation fee:


Single room 315 €


Double room 280 €           



send a mail with your address to tallinnstudytour@eaee.eu

the registration form will be our answer.


Travel information - here we meet:


Bridgettine Convent Guest House
With its solemn beauty and historical value the majestic walls and ruins of the Bridgettine Convent church, built over 500 years ago, attract many tourists, and offer several possibilities for those wishing to spend time in quietude and contemplation.  see therefore: http://www.birgittaguesthouse.ee/?lang=en 


- subject to modifications -  








General Assembly and Study Tour




Tallinn  -  Estonia


08.06.2016  -  11.06.2016














Focal points for


Protestant education


in Europe

How Protestant Churches can contribute towards

a European Civil Society

Conference of the Forum Bildung Europa

Tutzing (Germany), October 26-28, 2015

In Cooperation with Community of Protestant Churches

in Europe (CPCE), Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern

and „bildung evangelisch in Europa“ (beE)

General Assembly and Study Tour  Brno, Czech republic   2015

Perspectives of Change invitation 3.docx
Microsoft Word-Dokument [780.4 KB]

- Exposition caricatures – théologie -                                Paris

Gerson Amat Torregrosa

Sad news: Gerson Amat Torregrosa, our spanish friend and colleague died in August.

We feel very sad about Gersons death, for him, his relatives, for his church and the friendly team we met in Madrid. Gerson was a significant link with the southern Europe protestant churches. We are grateful for him, who he was and how he supported EAEE for many years. He managed the Madrid study tour last year. We remember the depth of his spiritual thoughts during the morning services at Escorial. He will be in our prayers.






David Goodbourn

We are sad to hear the news that Dr.David Goodbourn died on 9th November 2014. 

For many years David was involved in the ecumenical movement, both through the World Council of Churches and in the UK.  As president of EAEE, and more recently as leader of our study tour in Manchester in 2011,  he was known as a convincing theologian with a wide knowledge of adult education, a colleague  with personal convictions  and the ability to listen to people carefully and recognise other opinions.

Before he died, he reflected on his own situation and belief in a deeply touching essay.

Please read this in remembrance of him:  





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UTRECHT - 2012 Invitation and papers

Program latest version.pdf
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Transmission and cocreation[1].pdf
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Madrid - 2013 Invitation and papers

Documents Study-Tour 2013 EAEE-1.pdf
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Paris 2014

Program Study Tour PARIS 2014[1].pdf
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