Are you interested in life-long learning and work in a church or a church-related organization?
Do you appreciate learning from others and sharing?
Do you want to work in a common Europe with different perspectives on Christian belief?
Do you need new ideas for your work to encourage people to live their Christian faith in the society?

EAEE is an organization to help European Churches that have developed since the Reformation, in their adult learning activities – giving new ideas and a platform for interaction.
Founded in 1968 with members and partners from 16 European countries the EAEE is a wide network of churches, church adult education institutions, other organizations and individuals interested in life-long learning.
Since 2011 we have been working as a official body in the EU, to enable the possibilities of engaging in projects on European level.
We invite members from all European countries.
We organize a study tour and conference on yearly basis. We learn from each other and from the way we work in each country. You can join us in Brno 2015, Tallin 2016 and Wittenberg in 2017.
Our website offers you contacts and information on our activities.