"HOW DEEP IS THE WATER AND WHY IS IT GOOD TO BE ABLE TO SWIM? – Church-related Adult Education in the Digital Age"


It will take place in Kappel, Switzerland from

Sunday, 14th to 17th June 2020.



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Our studytour 2019 in Järvenpää, Finland, had the theme:


"Is there anybody out there? - Culture as vehicle for life-long learning".


Here you can have a look at our programme:  

Invitation EAEE Study Tour Finland 2019
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Previous study tours:


• Oslo 2018 : “Faith and religion in the work with migrants in Norway"


• Wittenberg 2017 : “Luther. An other insight


• Tallinn 2016 : “Connecting Communities”


• Brno 2015 : “The challenge for adult education in Europe. Exchange beetwen E & W


• Paris 2014 : “Images and Bible. Art & Iconographie in adult education


• Madrid 2013 : “Majorities, minorities. Adult religious education in liminal spaces


• Utrecht 2012 : “Christian education between ‘history’ and ‘contemporary'


• Manchester 2011 : “Scriptures matter


• Sigtuna 2010 : “The Church as learning community


• Geneva 2009 : “To understand to believe and to believe to understand. 

                                                                                              Calvin and adult education