European Protestant and Anglican Network

for life-long learning - EAEE


A network of workers in Adult-Education organised by churches in Europe

A chance to meet colleagues

An organisation to join if you like to meet people in other countries and exchange experiences of your work.


What is EAEE?

  • Are you involved in adult education as an organiser, a teacher or a voluntary worker?
  • Is your work with a Christian church or an agency?
  • Would you like to be in touch with others doing similar work all over Europe?
  • Would you like to cooperate with colleagues involved with similar problems and tasks in the broader European network?

If so, this site is for you to explore, to find out more about EAEE. Join our network!

The EAEE is an association for people working in Christian adult education in Europe.







Who we are.


  • We are the network of Protestant and Anglican adult education in Europe.


  • We provide a platform for professional exchange inside our churches and between churches and public adult education.


  • We support the voice of adult education in church and society.


  • We offer a place of learning within the realm of religious education in relation to a democratic education in Europe.


Basic theological guidelines

  • We refer to the confessions of the World Council of Churches and  believe the God revealed in Jesus Christ calls us:
    • to recognize equal dignity in each human being including personal history, ethnic origins, gender, sexual identity, social rank and accomplishments, recognizing ones vulnerability and struggle of life.
    • to consider and respect every person as unique and as a free individual.
    • to safeguard that every individual has been given the promise of freedom and can legitimately claim to be the subject of ones own life.
    • to act as individuals as well as members of a community in order to preserve God’s creation.
  • Humanity is God’s project and hope as he had showed us in Jesus Christ.
  • Our responsibility is to get involved in that project for the sake of our human sisters and brothers and for ourselves.


Basic pedagogical guidelines


  • We value lifelong learning as part of the fundamental human rights and as an element of human dignity.


  • We support all efforts which empower us to understand ourselves, society and the world around us.


  • We aim at empowerment to act as European Christians and citizens both developing social conditions and protecting natural environment.


  • We have committed ourselves to Christian education, because we believe in the power of understanding life through Christian beliefs on the foundation of the Bible.


  • We consider interreligious and intercultural dialogue and managing diversities as one of our main tasks.


  • We regard any individual as gifted with both an amount of emotion and cognition.


  • We support contextually orientated learning.


  • We follow a systemic approach, which unites the personal and social aspects of an individual. We work with the holistic view that spirituality and employability are essential parts of personal development.  


Approved by the General Assembly June 2015 at Brno, Czech Republic